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COVID-19 Tracking Charts and Partial Unlock Strategy (click for news/details)
We provide a downloadable model with much more insight than the usual websites that cover ever locality. Look at some of the available profiles.  If you want to do your state or country, the data is pre-loaded in the spreadsheet.  Click the link about and scroll to the download.  If you want to do a US county, we provide three examples, and instructions in the user guide.  All you have to do is extract the data from us-counties.csv, and set up a few parameters like mortality and case ratio (we tell you how to figure these).  Takes about 20 minutes.

At the above link we have:
  • Detailed profiles with personal risk and minimum deaths unlock scenarios for about 30 key USA & World regions
  • with downloadable model
  • plus collection of the most useful articles from
    • how you really get COVID-19 to
    • how excess washing has triggered an epidemic of eczema and
    • how to treat it.
From US Profile (click here for full profile):
  • The forecast for US cases going forward is nearly flat through the end of the year when vaccination will begin:  (click for full US profile, updated 6/23) - only my charts give you the case growth threshold (yellow) along with the current and projected unlock level (green) and even projected vaccine rate (dot-dash) on the same chart.
Everything you want to know about cases trajectory constraints
  • The most insight into future trends is through an R0 tracking chart:
US Economic Recovery

Helping the World recover from COVID faster AND safer!

Country/State Projections Through 2021

Note: Only World, US, Texas, Mississippi, Colorado, Argentina are being updated while I am on vacation in August - there is some updated data in the others, but not unlock profiles, etc.

US States: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas , California Economic warning for California, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, NY , South_Dakota, Tennessee,
Texas , Washington .

US Personal Risk Levels


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